Reseller FAQ

Q. Can I use the credits for personal use?
No, the credits are meant to be used for your customers or at a minimum 10 user accounts in your reseller panel. Feel free to use 1-2 accounts for personal use, just make sure you are selling as well. If you are not selling your account will be disabled with no refunds. 

Q. Do the reseller credits ever expire?

A. No, the credits have no expiry, but your account will be disabled or flagged unless you have over 10 live lines after 2 months of your account

Q. Do you offer Trials for all reseller plans? How many trials are allowed?
A. Yes 24 hour trials are available for all resellers. You are allowed 20 trial accounts at a time, but this requires a minimum of 10 credits. If you dip below 10 credits, trials will stop working. Any misuse of trials will lead to a ban.
Note Trials do not include PPV Events & Adult content

Q. Do you still offer Gold & Platinum? 
A. Gold & Platinum plans have now been removed. As such only New Plans (mentioned below) are available

Q. Do you offer multi-connection plans or extra cost for a 2nd connection?
A. As of right now Epicstream does not offer multiple connection support. 2 Connections = Subs = 2 Credits

Q. What pricing can I set?
A. You are free to set the pricing as you wish, but nothing below $14/USD. Resellers are welcome to run short-term promotions at a lower price, but general pricing must stay at $14/USD/month

Q. Can I get better rates than I get currently?
A. Pricing structure is provided below and dependant on the number of credits that are being purchased

Reseller Pricing
$8.50/USD/credit - 25-50 Credits
$8.00/USD/credit - 50-100 Credits
$7.00/USD/credit - 100 Credits
$6.00/USD/credit - 500+ Credits

Q. Can I get my own Kodi addon, and url shorteners?
A. Yes, for a fee of $100 USD we can customize the branding for your Kodi add-on. You may setup your own URL anytime become configuring a CNAME in your Domain registrar's DNS panel.

Q. Can I customize the packages that I offer my customers. I want to remove some channels. 

A. We offer pre-set packages for all resellers. These packages meet requirements for most of our customers. Following are the package types avaible at the time of activation or renewal:

All customers now have an option on renewal to select one of these packages. 

Package Options Description Streams Included
Plus English only package USA, CA, UK, All Sports, PPV, VOD
Premium Plus package (English) and a few more supported International streams USA, CA, UK, All Sports, Arabic, French, German, PPV, VOD
Max All Streams - Includes Plus, Premium and additional UNSUPPORTED* International streams USA, CA, UK, All Sports, Arabic, African, French, German, PPV, VOD, ITALIAN, LATIN, SOUTH ASIAN, POLISH

UNSUPPORTED: Unsupported streams are best effort only. ITALIAN, LATIN, SOUTH ASIAN, AFRICAN AND POLISH are currently unsupported. You may experience higher than normal issues with these streams.

Q. Rebranded Application - Android, Roku, iOS, Kodi

Please contact the appropriate developers to get your branded applications:

Android -
iOS -
Roku -
Kodi -

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